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Woolen Mills Chinatown of San Jose

The Guadalupe Parkway in San Jose, constructed in the 1960s, near the former Woolen Mills Chinatown was proposed for upgrading in the 1990s. This afforded an opportunity for Caltrans archaeologists and historians to tell the story of the Woolen Mills Chinatown. In this essay, Caltrans Historical Archaeologist Anmarie Medin elucidates the history of a people for whom few English language records are available.

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San Simeon Creek Pioneers in Their Own Voices

There were two sisters and a brother, born in Ohio at the height of the Classical Revival of the 1820’s and given some Greek and Latin names in the spirit of the time. As some of the very earliest pioneers at San Simeon Creek, they were truly free—free to make use of every ounce of talent, education, and courage they possessed.

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A Brief History of the Morro Bay Power Plant

California’s population increase, both during and after World War II, combined with a growing economy and changes in technology, necessitated additional electrical power generation. Morro Bay was chosen as the location for a new power plant, given its proximity to ocean going fuel oil tankers and an unlimited source of cooling water for the power plant’s turbine generators.

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